Assembly of different elements

Weld and steel

PCS have a lot of experience in steel, welding and metal sheet work. More than 50 workers stand ready to contribute on your project.

Surface treatment

Dedicated painters and surface treatment workshop.

Scaffold/security work

We have our own scaffolding teams with courses and certification in all scaffolding classes.


We have our own carpenter teams standing ready to help you with assignments.


Pipe work on facilities and construction sites.

Our main goal is to build good relationships, deliver good quality and please our customers.

Welcome to PCS Personell

PCS Personell was established in 2015 as a result of lack of labor in the immediate area.

The company is run by a small administration, with focus on the customer, service and quality.

Today we have extensive experience in welding and steel workers. We also have our own carpenter team, painters and scaffolding workers.

With over 50 permanent workers around the country, we are always ready to assist the customers where there is need.

We do not set the limits.

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